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  • We began our journey from humble beginnings with the foundation of Fire Safety Devices laid in 1978-79, where we started out as a Fire Maintenence Contractor, dedicated to the principles of best maintenence practices of fire protection systems.

  • As the company grew and we gathered know how on Fire Protection Systems, we expanded our business to installation and commisssioning of these Systems & Equipments with personalised service and attention.

  • As the team became stronger, it was only a matter of time before we laid down the foundation of our first manufacturing base in Faridabad.

  • FIRECHEM was launched in the market for manufacturing Dry Chemical Powders and Fire Fighting Foams by adopting the best manufacturing practices. This was the pinnacle of our business. Due to an innovative research team, FIRECHEM developed world class products that are completely non-toxic, harmless, non-hazardous and environmentally safe. Our dedication and profound understanding of our client’s needs helped us accquire the international certifications and venture into the global market in 2006, making our presence felt in over 45 countries. In the past 5 years, we have furthered our business and put up manufacturing facilities for fire fighting extinguishers and foam equipments.

  • We currently have two world class manufacturing facilities located at Faridabad and Haridwar. We have a massive fire test outdoor facility and state of the art laboratories to carry out Research and Developement in innovation newer product technologies for fire fighting industry and an eclectic team that make the best efforts to give the best to our customers.

  • FIRECHEM’s strength comes from our drive to listen and learn from clients and the environment around and converting those lessons into world class products and services.

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